Post Processing

All intelligent photographers are aware of the limitations of their art, digital retouching relies on a set of skills and sensibilities born in traditional silver-based photography but is much faster and capable of far finer results. Photoshop retouching can, in the hands of an inexperienced operator, look fake or even worse. In the hands of a skilled and sensitive artist, digital image manipulation will fool even the most expert viewer unless the scene depicted is obviously impossible in real life.

Don’t just assume that every photographer knows what they’re doing or that they’re automatically going to make the right decision (with regard to retouching) for you. Every photographer secretly wants you to look your absolute best. The better you look, the better the photo looks. The better the photo looks, the better the photographer looks. So oftentimes, if you leave the decision to retouch your photos entirely up to the photographer (particularly one without significant headshots experience or knowledge), they will eradicate those “flaws” without a second thought (and sometimes without even a first thought).

My style of work lends itself to minimal post-processing – but I will adjust as needed. In general I make the photos as perfect as possible in the camera. Post-processing is not designed to fix sloppiness or mistakes but to enhance.